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GreenoCPA provides both family and civil mediation services.

We are lucky that the Tennessee State Supreme Court provides guidance for Alternative Dispute Resolution, called Rule 31, which has provisions for mediation–a way for disputing parties to settle their conflict out of court in a way that passes legal muster and has staying power.

Mediation is a process in which participants settle their conflicts with the help of a trained and impartial third person: a mediator.  The mediator helps parties communicate safely and respectfully so they are able to identify important needs and interests, express grievances, and develop lasting solutions.

Rule 31 applies only to mediation as a result of civil or domestic court cases. Conflict resolution outside of these proceedings (i.e. organizational dispute resolution and other non-legal conflict management) can be handled however the parties wish. However, Tennessee’s mediation requirements are so robust that they can, and should, be used as a guide for non-court ordered conflict resolution.

To mediate cases referred by a court in Tennessee, the mediator, or Neutral, must be Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 Listed and in turn adhere to the standards set forth in TSC Rule 31, such as:

  • maintaining confidentiality of all dispute resolution proceedings except where required by law to disclose
  • maintaining impartiality
  • promoting a balanced process and ultimately assisting the parties in reaching an informed and voluntary settlement.